contact me

For general questions, you can likely find an answer by checking out my FAQ. For commissions and other questions not answered in FAQ, contact me below. 

For commission inquiries, please include the following:

1. Brief summary of concept. Please be sure to include specific imagery + colors you have in mind and feel free to send reference images! 

2. Full color or black and white?

3. Dimensions/Size

4. Desired medium: For example, is this for a shirt design/album cover? If so, you most likely want a digital file (pdf/png/jpg). For physical pieces, I do most of my work on Bristol board or wood, but I am flexible! 

5. Desired materials: I work primarily with acrylics or combination of pen/ink/markers. 

6. Desired completion date

7. Anything else. Is this a gift? Are you interested in having the piece framed? Is there an already existing piece of mine that you want me to channel? Help me make you happy!

All my commissions start at 125.00, with price increasing depending on complexity of request. This takes into account the time I invest in making your piece plus the cost of materials. 

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