about me

My name is Karla Daniela Rosas. I am a New Orleans-based artist, by way of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Recurring inspirations for my work are butterflies, water, Mexican myths, Catholicism, comic books, aliens, futurism, and women who don't play nice. I work with a combination of pens, markers, acrylics, and digital tools like Photoshop.

I am mexicana, undocumented, and constantly negotiating my position in this country.  I come from a matriarchy of Mexican women who have taught me that resilience, self-preservation, and aggressiveness are the products of tears and not comfort. The immigrant hustle is real and I celebrate this hustle in my work, while also bearing witness to the pain migrant women go through as they carve out their own place in this country. In doing so, I am aligning their strength with my own, and in that sense, you could interpret my work as a series of very colorful self-portraits (or selfies).