KARLA DANIELA ROSAS is a self-taught visual artist and “undocumented immigrant” originally from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Karla grew up in the Gulf South and currently lives in New Orleans. Karla considers herself first and foremost a story-teller. Tired of media tropes of helpless and passive immigrant mothers, Karla uses her art to tell stories about migrant women that she wants to hear — stories about being powerful, young, defiant, sexual, angry, joyous...and sometimes petty. Karla works with a mixture of digital illustration tools as well as traditional inks, markers, acrylic, and gouache. Her work incorporates a wide range of influences including Afro/Aztec futurism, sci-fi, pop-punk aesthetics, Aztec cosmology and art, Mexican Catholicism, and pop culture.

In addition to her own work, Karla regularly works on collaborative art projects with members of Congress of Day Laborers, an immigrant and workers’ rights organization in New Orleans, Louisiana. Karla has also had her work featured in various independent publications including: Antigravity Magazine, St. Sucia, and Roots Rising, the official Take ‘Em Down NOLA zine. Currently, she is illustrating a forthcoming poetry collection for Detroit-based writer and poet, Christiana Castillo. Most recently, Karla was one of eight artists nationally awarded a Define American Undocumented Artist Fellowship. As part of her fellowship, she is working on a collaborative portrait series featuring key members of the New Orleans community who are shaping its history from the bottom-up and represent the “ corazon ” or “heart” of the city.